Doğa Yılmaz


M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence – Özyeğin University

[2021 - 2023]

  • Faculty of Engineering, Department of Computer Science – Awarded Fellowship Support – GPA: 3.81/4.00
  • Adviser: Assoc. Prof. Furkan Kıraç
  • Research Interests: Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, 3D Reconstruction, Inverse Rendering
  • Thesis: Illumination-Guided Inverse Rendering Benchmark: Learning Real Objects with Few Cameras

B.Sc. in Computer Science — Özyeğin University

[2016 - 2020]

  • Faculty of Engineering, Department of Computer Science
  • Adviser: Assoc. Prof. Furkan Kıraç
  • Thesis: Deep Residual Autoencoder for Real Image Denoising


UCL Computational Light Laboratory (CLL) - London, UK

[11/2023 - present]

Research Intern

Fishency Innovation - Stavanger, Norway

[08/2022 - present]

R&D Software Engineer

  • Key contributor to the development of an inverse rendering-based state-of-the-art fish biomass estimation project, leading to a peer-reviewed and published algorithm, and a highly accurate system with over 90% accuracy in biomass estimation. Employed software tools, including Mitsuba 3, PyTorch, and Python.
  • Deployed and scaled the underwater fish biomass estimation software to the existing hybrid infrastructure.
  • Developed 2D/3D visualization tools to validate and debug several machine learning pipelines.

Özyeğin University Vision and Graphics Laboratory (VGL) - Istanbul, Turkey

[09/2021 - 10/2023]

Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant

  • Actively participated in multiple research projects with a focus on inverse rendering and auto-white balance correction, resulting in several valuable publications.
  • Contributed as a teaching assistant across a range of university courses, offering academic support and guidance to students.

Courses Assisted:

  • Advanced C++ Programming, Spring 2023
  • Data Structures and Algorithms, Spring 2023
  • Programming Paradigms, Fall 2021 & 2022
  • Agile Software Development, Spring 2022
  • Object-Oriented Programming, Spring 2021 & Spring 2022

Academic Service:

  • Reviewer, RCV Workshop ICCV
  • Reviewer, ReScience C Journal

Özyeğin University Vision and Graphics Laboratory (VGL) - Istanbul, Turkey

[07/2019 - 02/2021]

Undergraduate Research Assistant

  • Developed and trained an autoencoder for real-world image denoising problem using PyTorch.
  • Worked on dataset generation using Blender3D.


Ray Tracing Parallelization With OpenMP

[02/2022 – 06/2022]

  • Analysed a ray tracing implementation in C++ using VTune profiler and detected hotspots.
  • Parallelized the sequential ray tracing implementation using OpenMP.
  • Benchmarked the sequential code with parallelised code in terms of effective cpu utilization, elapsed time and memory/cache utilization by using VTune and Valgrind profilers, observed up to 300 times performance improvement.

Turkish Lira Classification Using AWS Rekognition

[09/2021 – 01/2022]

  • Developed a system for visually impaired people which recognises a given banknote.
  • The classification of the scanned banknote is processed using AWS Rekognition custom label service.

Image Classification Using CNN-LSTM Hybrid Model With Skip Connections

[09/2021 – 01/2022]

  • Worked on a neural network architecture in PyTorch for single-label image classification that combines CNN and LSTM.
  • Achieved better performance in terms of convergence speed by combining characteristics of both models.

Awards and Achievements

IEEEXtreme 14 -- Ranked 1st place in Turkey, 172nd in global.

IEEEXtreme 12 -- Ranked 3rd place in Turkey, 252nd in global.